Tableau Training in Hyderabad


Sieve Software is the best Tableau Training institute in Hyderabad where the Tableau training is delivered from beginner level to advanced techniques is conducted by real-time experts with real-time Case studies and scenarios. The training provided here helps the participants to master all the features and operations available in Tableau software to design and develop great graphical reports.


Sieve Software follows industry best practices to deliver training on best business Intelligence software package available in the market. The Tableau trainer uses various tools and shortcuts that will make working with Tableau easy and fun followed by practical assignments and live projects to deliver business solutions for organizational benefit.


What is Tableau?


Tableau is a Business Intelligence Analysis tool that allows data blending and real time collaboration for visually analyzing the data. It is used by businesses, academic researchers and many government organizations as they can create and distribute an interactive and shareable dashboard. It depicts the trends, variations and density of the data in the form of graphs and charts and is positioned as a leader Business Intelligence.


Tableau is one of the easiest and most powerful business analytical tools which customer loves as it help the business managers to make quick decisions and sense all types of data coming in from desperate sources to blend it in unified form. It is an art of imitating the way the human mind understands the data and put it in to practice and visualize it.


Tableau Data Visualization software provides solutions for various industries, departments and data environments to handle diverse scenarios with some unique features such as speed of analysis, self-reliant, visual discovery, blend diverse data sets, architecture agnostic, real-time collaboration and centralized data.


Advantages of Tableau


• Clearly and beautifully visualizes your data
• Easy to use
• Excellent user-experience
• Handle large amounts of data
• Create beautiful dashboards
• Uses all the data visualization best practices
• Easy and interactive data visualization service
• Offers good customer support
• Great integration facilities


Who can Learn Tableau?


1. Non-IT Professionals
2. Developers
3. Non-BI Professionals
4. Data Analysts
5. Project Managers
6. Job seekers
7. Graduates
8. Business Intelligence Professionals
9. Testing Professional
10. Data Scientists
11. Data Visual Analysts
12. Functional Experts
13. Software Developers
14. SQL consultants
15. DWH consultants
16. Statistics Professionals


Why Choose Tableau?


• Tableau leads the world in making the data visualization process
• Speed to Market
• Tableau Does Big Data
• Don’t need to do any coding
• Leverage the power of database
• Stunning, Interactive Visualizations
• Compatibility across Multiple Platforms
• Tableau Does Any Data such as Hadoop, Teradata, Excel, Google Analytics, SAP etc.


Tableau Course Eligibility


• Business intelligence professionals
• Data Reporting professionals
• Content Management Professionals
• Senior management who provide reports to leadership teams
• Leadership team who presents reports to customers
• Media persons to create visualizations for leading magazines
• Freshers to kick start their career
• Database administrators who manages data
• Data scientists who work on data to build prediction models


Prerequisite to Learn the Tableau Course


• Experience in basic Excel formulas
• Understanding the database
• writing queries
• Basic SQL concepts


Tableau Course Content


1. Introduction and Overview
2. Getting Started with Tableau
3. Introduction to data source concept
4. Tableau Product Line
5. Understanding the Tableau workspace
6. Analysis
7. Dimensions and Measures
8. Getting Started with Calculated Fields
9. Formatting
10. Working with Labels and Annotations
11. Building Interactive Dashboard
12. Sharing Workbooks


What will you Gain by the end of Tableau training?


• Grasp the concepts of Tableau Desktop 10
• Become proficient with Tableau statistics
• Build interactive dashboards
• Master data sources and datable blending
• Create data extracts, organize and format data
• Master Tableau calculations
• Gain expertise on visualization techniques
• Analyze data using Tableau Desktop

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Tableau Course Highlights


• Tableau training by Real Time Industry Experts
• Professional approach towards training
• Use of latest techniques
• Hands-on training with live projects
• Limited batch size for individual attention
• Interactive classes for easy interaction
• 100% practical training
• Provided self evaluation testing software
• Continuous support provided for on-site problems
• Practice Methodologies
• Unlimited lab access provided to all candidates
• Resume Preparation by Expert Professionals
• Placement assistance
• Interview Preparation
• Expert Advice

Tableau Course Material – Syllabus

Introduction to Tableau


Tableau Desktop Interface13


Connecting Data Sources


Organizing Data


Formatting Data






Analysis using Desktop




Fields in Tableau




Modes of Delivering Tableau Training in Hyderabad

• Classroom training
• Online training
• Weekend training
• Fast track training

Learn Tableau – Attend Tableau Classes

Sieve Software offers one to one end classroom training for the aspirants who are willing to learn Tableau from the scratch at student’s most preferable timings. The real time Tableau expert allows the students to perform the hands-on projects to get more practical experience and provides opportunity to interact with instructors and benefit from face-to-face instruction. Learn Tableau course from industry expert. Get IT job now. Attend Tableau demo at Sieve Software, Best Tableau Training Institute in Hyderabad with placements.

Learn Tableau Online at your Flexible Time

Learn Tableau from online classes. Sieve Software offers instructor-led live interactive online Tableau training for the participants worldwide who cannot present physically in Tableau classroom training with flexible time slots to counter time difference by the experienced faculty who are having the real-time knowledge on the Data visualization course. Attend Tableau demo now at Sieve Software, Best Tableau Institute with placements in Hyderabad.

Tableau training in Hyderabad – Fast track Learn Tableau in 20 days

Sieve Software offers intensive 20 days Tableau training sessions as requested by the participants. Fast track training sessions are specially designed for working professionals, fast learners and immediate job seekers by customizing the course content as per their requirements.

Have no much time to attend Tableau course?

Learn Tableau in 20 days at Sieve Software, Best Tableau training institute with placements in Hyderabad. Attend free demo now.

Tableau Training in Hyderabad – Attend at Weekend Days

Sieve Software offers Tableau weekend training sessions for the aspirants conducted by the well qualified real-time expert in the respective field of IT Industry with real-time examples. Course structure is well designed by the expert trainers to help working professionals keep ahead of rapidly evolving business environments. Attend Tableau Training in Hyderabad at your weekend days and hours.

Duration of Tableau Training in Hyderabad


> Regular classes (morning, daytime and evening)
> Duration: 45 days


> Weekend training classes (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
> Duration: 8 weekends days


> Fast track training classes (5+ hours daily)
> Duration: 20 days

Tableau Course FAQs

What is the current version of Tableau desktop?


The current version of Tableau Desktop is Tableau Desktop Version 9.3

On what basis Tableau trainers are selected?


Sieve Software follows rigorous selection process before selecting a Tableau trainer with relevant teaching experience. Selection process includes profile screening, technical evaluation and a training demo.

What are the unique features of Tableau desktop?


The unique features of Tableau desktop are 1. Union 2. Global map updates 3. Workbook revision history 4. Connected Desktop experience.

What types of jobs can benefit from Tableau skills training?


Top job sectors that need Tableau certified professionals are 1. E-commerce 2. IT services 3. Social media 4. Financial services 5. Hospital and healthcare services.

What is the career path in Tableau?


1. Junior Tableau Developer 2. Tableau Developer 3. Tableau Consultant

What are the products of Tableau?


The five products Tableau are 1. Tableau Desktop 2. Tableau Server 3. Tableau Public 4. Tableau Online 5. Tableau Reader

What are the job roles where an individual can make his career?


1. Tableau Consultant 2. Tableau Admin 3. Tableau Developer 4. Business Analyst 5. Business Intelligence Analyst 6. Business Intelligence Developer 7. Business Intelligence Manager

What are the skills required for Tableau jobs?


1. Core Java 2. Hadoop 3. Visual C++

What are the types of Calculations involved in Tableau?


There are 4 basic calculation types in Tableau 1. Row Level 2. Aggregate 3. Table Calculations 4. Level of Detail Calculations.

What is Tableau on HANA?


Tableau users use the combination of Tableau and SAP HANA to quickly analyze their data where they can change variable values at any point during the analytic process through simple prompting.

What are the best companies to work with Tableau?


1. Fortunehub 2. AT&T 3. Bank of America 4. Logan Data inc 5. Verizon Wireless 6. Comcast 7. TIAA-CREF 8. Capital One 9. Monsanto 10. Nationwide Insurance 11. Pepsico.

How Tableau is different from Microsoft Excel?


1. Tableau is a data visualization tool where the pictorial representations are very important whereas excel is a spread sheet for working with data in rows and columns.
2. Tableau is arriving data insights that are never thought but when it comes to excel, the insights are prior known and work with various formulas in order to get there.
3. You need to have some programming skills to come up with visualization where Tableau does not require any such skills.

What is the scope of Tableau technology in India?


As number of startups and Small and Medium businesses are coming up in the country, scope for Tableau in India has increased enormously in the current market. So it is the right time for the aspirants who are willing to excel their career in this Tableau arena.

What is the expected average salary for Tableau skills?


• Data Analyst – Rs 495,122
• Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst – Rs 600,000
• Senior Data Analyst – Rs 749,647
• Business Intelligence (BI) Developer – Rs 525,842
• Software Engineer – Rs 465,972
• Analytics Consultant – Rs 924,324
• Senior Software Engineer – Rs 552,489.

What is My Level after the completion of Tableau training?


• You can work on tableau field • Handle tableau Projects successfully without anyone’s support • You can be able to crack the Tableau Interview easily as well.

What are the certifications available for tableau desktop and tableau server?


Two levels of certification are available for both Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server 1. Qualified Associate 2. Certified Professional.

Why Sieve Software for Tableau Training in Hyderabad?


Sieve Software is the best Tableau Training in Hyderabad where the experienced Tableau trainer delivers Tableau Training to beginner and intermediate users to enhance their Analysis & Visualization skills using Tableau. It offers one of the most comprehensive training for Tableau aspirants with the experienced faculty who offer the best data visualization training in Hyderabad.


Tableau training conducted in Sieve Software includes practical sessions with few theoretical classes with customized time slots as per the feasibility and convenience of the students and professionals. The highly certified trainers provide assignments, mini projects and conduct assessments to make sure that the students have understood from the basic concepts to the advanced concepts of Tableau taught during the classes. Attend tableau training in Hyderabad, Get your dreamed & creative IT job.

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