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SAP Tutorial for beginners – What is SAP?

SAP elaborated as System Applications and Products is German software that is used for end to end business operations or processes. SAP is one of the most wide-ranging database systems. It is a German ERP software implemented by many organizations for the smooth functioning of their business processes that yields high productivity of companies those implemented SAP Technologies and software.

SAP Technology is categorized in to three divisions namely Functional, Technical and Techno functional modules based on their level of executions in business processes. As of today, SAP consists of 178 modules and each of the modules has its own significance in functioning.

In this SAP tutorial, step by step guidance has been provided on every SAP module so as to make it easy to learn by giving relevant examples. SAP tutorial for beginners has been designed in order to guide them for a career in SAP and it’s absolutely free of cost.

SAP Functional Modules

SAP offers Functional modules for the departments so as to replace and enable business processes. The SAP Functional modules contain various predefined or standard functionalities that help the consultants in understanding the business requirements and to deal in a suitable way with different clients.

Who are SAP Functional Consultants?

The SAP Functional Consultant is typically a person, who can

• Deduce business processes
• Configures the system to reflect business requirements.
• Interacts with clients
• Understands clients business requirements
• Gathers clients requirements and translates them in to functional specifications
• Needs to be familiar with the CRM Base Customizing and relevant Business terminology

List of SAP Functional Modules

1. SAP FICO (Finance and Controlling)

• Visit SAP FICO FAQ page
• Visit SAP FICO Training page
• Refer SAP FICO interview questions

2. SAP MM (Material Management)

• Visit SAP MM FAQ page
• Visit SAP MM Training page
• Refer SAP MM interview question

3. SAP SD (Sales and Distribution)

• Visit SAP SD FAQ page
• Visit SAP SD Training page
• Refer SAP SD interview questions

4. SAP PP (Production Planning)

• Visit SAP PP FAQ page
• Visit SAP PP Training page
• Refer SAP PP interview questions

5. SAP PM (Plant Maintenance)

• Visit SAP PM FAQ page
• Visit SAP PM Training page
• Refer SAP PM interview questions


• Visit SAP ARIBA FAQ page
• Visit SAP ARIBA Training page
• Refer SAP ARIBA interview questions

7. SAP PS (Project System)

• Visit SAP PS FAQ page
• Visit SAP PS Training page
• Refer SAP PS interview questions

8. SAP QM (Quality Management)

• Visit SAP QM FAQ page
• Visit SAP QM Training page
• Refer SAP QM interview questions

9. SAP HR (Human Resource)

• Visit SAP HR FAQ page
• Visit SAP HR Training page
• Refer SAP HR interview questions

10. SAP Simple Finance

• Visit SAP Simple Finance FAQ page
• Visit SAP Simple Finance Training page
• Refer SAP Simple Finance interview questions

11. SAP WM (Warehouse Management)

• Visit SAP WM FAQ page
• Visit SAP WM Training page
• Refer SAP WM interview questions

12. SAP TM (Transportation Management)

• Visit SAP TM FAQ page
• Visit SAP TM Training page
• Refer SAP TM interview questions

13. SAP SRM (Supplier Relationship Management)

• Visit SAP SRM FAQ page
• Visit SAP SRM Training page
• Refer SAP SRM interview questions

14. SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management)

• Visit SAP SCM FAQ page
• Visit SAP SCM Training page
• Refer SAP SCM interview questions

15. SAP SNC (Secure Network Communications)

• Visit SAP SNC FAQ page
• Visit SAP SNC Training page
• Refer SAP SNC interview questions

16. SAP SUCCESSFACTORS (Secure Network Communications)

• Visit SAP SuccessFactors FAQ page
• Visit SAP SuccessFactors Training page
• Refer SAP SuccessFactors interview questions

SAP Technical Modules

SAP offers technical modules which support the functional modules but do not replace and enable the business processes directly. The SAP Technical modules require coding and programming skills to meet the specifications of functional consultants.

Who is SAP Technical Consultant?

The SAP Technical Consultant is typically a person, who can

• Develops programs specified by functional consultant
• Fill gaps between business processes and ERP
• Translates functional specifications into technical specifications
• Does the coding as per the technical specifications
• Needs to know basic business processes

List of SAP Technical Modules

1. SAP HANA (High-Performance Analytic Appliance)

• Visit SAP HANA FAQ page
• Visit SAP HANA Training page
• Refer SAP HANA interview questions

2. SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming)

• Visit SAP ABAP FAQ page
• Visit SAP ABAP Training page
• Refer SAP ABAP interview questions

3. SAP BPC (Business Planning and Consolidation)

• Visit SAP BPC FAQ page
• Visit SAP BPC Training page
• Refer SAP BPC interview questions

4. SAP BASIS (Business Application Software Integration System)

• Visit SAP BASIS FAQ page
• Visit SAP BASIS Training page
• Refer SAP BASIS interview questions

5. SAP BO (Business Objects)

• Visit SAP BO FAQ page
• Visit SAP BO Training page
• Refer SAP BO interview questions


• Visit SAP BPC ON HANA FAQ page
• Visit SAP BPC ON HANA Training page
• Refer SAP BPC ON HANA interview questions

7. SAP BW (Business Warehouse)

• Visit SAP BW FAQ page
• Visit SAP BW Training page
• Refer SAP BW interview questions

8. SAP GRC (Governance, Risk Management and Compliance)

• Visit SAP GRC FAQ page
• Visit SAP GRC Training page
• Refer SAP GRC interview questions

9. SAP PI (Process Integration)

• Visit SAP PI FAQ page
• Visit SAP PI Training page
• Refer SAP PI interview questions


• Visit SAP WEBDYNPRO ABAP Training page
• Refer SAP WEBDYNPRO ABAP interview questions


• Visit SAP WORKFLOW Training page
• Refer SAP WORKFLOW interview questions

12. SAP UI5 (SAP User Interface for HTML 5)

• Visit SAP UI5 FAQ page
• Visit SAP UI5 Training page
• Refer SAP UI5 interview questions

13. SAP S/4 HANA

• Visit SAP S/4 HANA FAQ page
• Visit SAP S/4 HANA Training page
• Refer SAP S/4 HANA interview questions


• Visit SAP HYBRIS FAQ page
• Visit SAP HYBRIS Training page
• Refer SAP HYBRIS interview questions

Sieve Software’s SAP training tutorial

Sieve Software’s provides free SAP training tutorials for the aspirants who are willing to learn and enhance their skills in SAP. The SAP tutorial consists of detailed information about SAP ERP software and handy questions for easy learning. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication to master a craft in SAP. As a SAP developer; you will for sure undergo through different challenges from various clients. At that time you must be able to handle the client projects and fulfill their needs. Through these SAP tutorials, you will learn how to tackle the problems and difficulties and develop business solutions for clients using the developer tools.

SAP Technology Tutorials

To become a successful and skilled SAP developer, you should learn and implement some of the guidelines. These SAP Technology tutorials are to assist the students who desire to have a bright future in SAP field. You can also refer SAP interview questions that are frequently asked in the interviews. Beside this, you can also find SAP videos tutorials and demos sessions on Sieve Software’s YouTube channel and official website. These are designed by SAP certified experts for the beginners. This tutorial covers the introduction and categorization parts of SAP ERP software.

SAP Tutorial Sources

YouTube – You can find SAP Training Videos & Materials on YouTube that are delivered by Sieve Software trainers who carries out effective explanation so that it can be referred by both Beginners and SAP working professionals.

SAP Blog – Refer SAP articles at Sieve Software’s SAP blog where the SAP experts provide latest SAP news, information, techniques, tips and development. Don’t forget to give your feedback on this best SAP portal by posting your comment.

SAP Online Courses – Sieve Software offers SAP online training by professional trainers with years of experience in delivering SAP online training for the online attendees who are willing to have a career in SAP. It offers online training on various SAP modules such as SAP FICO, SAP MM, SAP ABAP and SAP SD etc.

SAP Classroom Training – Sieve Software is the best SAP training institute in Hyderabad that provides one to one end and quality classroom training for the SAP aspirants followed by regular workshops and internship programs. It focuses on job oriented training with 100% placement assistance.

SAP Careers – SAP has ever increasing demand in the current market as it is widely used in many small medium and large scale organizations for different business processes and functions, so it is the right time for the beginners to start SAP as there are many options available to set up a career in SAP. Read more.


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SAP Education Links – Find here some of the SAP related educational links to gain more knowledge on upcoming SAP trends and integrations etc.

How to select the right SAP module?

How to select the right SAP module is the query that rises by every SAP aspirant and might be thinking which one is best for his career. But there is no wonder in getting confused because each and every module in SAP has its own importance and it is difficult to choose one single module as a right module. Find here SAP functional modules and SAP technical courses.

If you are one of them, who is unable to take a decision then here are some of the things which will help in choosing the best SAP module to shape your career and may take you to the right path in getting a SAP job. Find here a list of SAP modules.

Criteria for Choosing Right SAP Module

• Academic background
• Relevance experience
• Opportunities holding
• Career perspective
• In demand SAP module
• Personal interest of aspirants