SAP HANA Training in Hyderabad

Sieve Software is the best SAP HANA Training institute in Hyderabad which provides training based on current corporates standards which helps the students to get prepared for industries. It is one of the best SAP HANA training institutes where the trainer with years of experience in managing real-time projects offers hands-on practical knowledge in SAP HANA.


Sieve Software consists of qualified instructors and practitioners of the IT-companies who conduct SAP HANA Training with a predefined curriculum that meets the workforce needs of the modern IT industries. SAP HANA experienced working professionals with SAP HANA projects knowledge designed SAP HANA Course content with regular workshops that matches the corporate style to get job for every participant.


What is SAP HANA?


SAP HANA elaborated as High Performance Analytics Appliance is an in-memory columnar database that leverages modern hardware technology and consists of application services, processing services and integration services. It is an advanced SAP ERP solution that unifies hardware and software incorporated components such as SAP SLT, SAP HANA Database, SAP HANA Direct Extractor connection, Replication server and Sybase replication technology.


SAP HANA replaces all traditional databases to improve overall performance of existing enterprise solutions. It offers cloud connectivity service which enables smoothly running and integration of new applications with minimum cost. It contains different features that offer new functions according to business needs.


SAP HANA is used for handling big data processing and real-time processing of huge volumes of data. It removes the burden of maintaining separate legacy systems by letting easy acceleration of business processes. It delivers more business intelligence and simplifies your IT environment and helps to make better business decisions in the new digital economy.


Advantages of SAP HANA Module


• Easily build application
• Reuse HTML 5 ready application components
• Design the application UI with UIS application site designer
• Create and Manage all artification site designer
• Personalize and customize end-user preference
• Allow easy customer
• partner application extensibility
• Create next generation applications
• Supports smooth transaction process
• Fault-tolerant analytics
• Easy and simple operations
• High-level data integration to access massive amounts of data
• Advanced tools in-depth analysis


Who can Learn SAP HANA?


1. SAP Development consultants
2. BI consultants
3. Data warehouse professionals
4. Data analytics professionals
5. Database Architects
6. Project Managers
7. SAP Technical Consultants
8. SAP ABAP Consultants
9. ETL Developers
10. Business Intelligence Professionals
11. SQL Developers
12. Database Architects
13. Mainframe Professionals
14. Business Object Professionals
15. Entry-level
16. Advanced programmers


SAP HANA Course Content


1. Introduction to SAP HANA
2. Entirely new Possibilities
3. SAP’s In-Memory Offering
4. HANA in contrast to SAP Applications
5. HANA in Detail
6. Structure of In-Memory computing studio
7. Administrative view
8. Navigator view
9. How to configure perspectives
10. How to create a package
11. Architecture of HANA – overview
12. IMCE and surroundings
13. Row store and column store
14. Loading Data
15. Data modelling concepts
16. Reporting
17. Persistence Layer of HANA
18. Concept of Backup and Recovery
19. Replication Server, process and Architecture
20. Data Services
22. Basic data service connection types
23. Data services 4.0
24. Full extractor though ODP
25. Configure import server
26. Purpose of the Information Modeler
27. Levels of Modeling in HANA
28. Create and display data for Attribute view
29. Analytical view and Calculation view
30. Purpose of Import/Export functionality


SAP HANA Course Eligibility


• Freshers who are willing to start their career in SAP
• Professionals looking for a career in SAP HANA Database
• SAP Functional consultant who wants to Change to Technical
• SAP BW consultant who are willing to learn to SAP HANA skills


Why to Choose SAP HANA?


1. On-demand data processing software
2. Creating new avenues for IT aspirants rapidly
3. Faster and simpler in-memory database implementation
4. Many industries are turning towards it
5. High paying jobs around the globe
6. Co-exist with other SAP modules


SAP HANA Consultant


SAP HANA Consultant is one of the highly reputed and remunerating job roles. SAP HANA Consultant is the one who is responsible for developing functional and technical knowledge among the project team members and draw conclusions on the various issues. Want to be SAP HANA Consultant? Contact now Sieve Software, A Best SAP HANA training institute in Hyderabad with placements.


Roles and Responsibilities of SAP HANA Consultant


• Deliver technical and functional knowledge to the team
• Lead planning, design and implementation
• Support SAP HANA based solutions
• Take Security, Performance, Installation and Product shipment decisions
• Interact with both business and technical stakeholders of company.


SAP HANA Course Highlights


• Instructor led Class Room / Online training
• Highly interactive with extensive live examples
• Training by certified SAP HANA Consultant
• Hands on training with lot of assignments
• Practice exercises and quizzes
• Assignments after each Module
• Quality Study material
• SAP BODS, SAP LT and DXC etc. Data Replication Techniques
• SAP HANA Information Views reporting Tools
• Real-time project based Scenarios
• Certification Guidance

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SAP HANA Course – Duration and Training Modes

Duration of SAP HANA Training in Hyderabad


> Regular classes (morning, day time, evening)
> Duration: 60days

> Weekend classes (Saturdays, Sundays, holidays)
> Duration: 8 weekend days

> Fast track classes (5+ hours daily)
> Duration: 20 days


Modes of Delivering SAP HANA Course in Hyderabad


• Classroom training
• Online training
• Weekend training
• Fast track training

Choose your best training method to learn SAP HANA module to get your high paid dream job in SAP.


SAP HANA Training in Hyderabad – Learn SAP HANA


Sieve Software offers SAP HANA Classroom training for the participants by the certified SAP HANA consultants to demonstrate knowledge and skills that are necessary to be an effective SAP HANA Consultant through Live SAP HANA Projects. Find here Sieve Software’s SAP HANA reviews and SAP training testimonials. Attend SAP HANA training in Hyderabad and Get your dream IT jobs in SAP technology. Enquire SAP HANA course demo now.


SAP HANA Training in Hyderabad

Sieve Software offers SAP HANA online training for the online attendees on SAP HANA software by expert trainers with years of experience in delivering online training. It provides virtual environment by conducting sessions through the available requirements like Skype, WebEx, Webinar, etc.


Benefits of SAP HANA Online Training:


• Interactive Learning sessions
• Industry Expert Trainers
• Learn Right from Your Place
• Customized Curriculum
• Support after Training
• 24/7 Server access
• Software Installation


SAP HANA Training in Hyderabad – Fast track Learning in 20 days


Sieve Software conducts intensive 20 days training program for SAP HANA participants by highly certified industry experts. The Fast track training program is specially designed for fast learners and immediate job seekers who cannot invest much time for SAP HANA training.  If you have no time to attend regular class to learn SAP HANA module; the Sieve Software’s fast track training is best option to learn SAP HANA in your short time. Enquire HANA training demo now and Get SAP HANA career guidance today!


SAP HANA Training in Hyderabad – Attend in your Weekend days


Sieve Software conducts SAP HANA weekend training sessions designed especially for working professionals as well as students who cannot attend regular classes. The training sessions are conducted by real-time and experienced professionals.

The weekend SAP learning programs are designed and trained by real time hands on experienced SAP HANA trainer. Students or working professionals who want to master in Sap HANA technology can attend the weekend classes at your comfortable days and hours. Learn SAP HANA from real time SAP professional.


What are the prerequisites required for learning SAP HANA?

No prerequisites are required for taking up this course except a basic knowledge of SQL, Database & Data Warehouse.

What is the scope of SAP HANA?

There are innumerable job opportunities for SAP HANA professionals as every company needs database professionals to manage its operations where technology industry is growing massively.

What are the Features of SAP HANA?

1. Personalization
2. Page Building
3. Property persistence
4. Context

Is ABAP required to learn SAP HANA?

NO, it is not mandatory to have knowledge of ABAP. But knowledge in SAP ABAP helps in easy understanding of Business logic implementation.

What is the language of SAP HANA?

SAP HANA is developed in C++ Language.

What is the best operating system choice for SAP HANA?

The best operating system choice for SAP HANA is Linux with the use of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

What is the main HANA Database Component?

Index Server is the main Database Component in SAP HANA.

What are the various components of SAP HANA Administration?

1. SAP HANA Studio
2. SAP HANA Application Cloud
3. SAP HANA Cloud

What is the expected average salary of SAP HANA Consultant?

The expected average salary of SAP HANA Consultant is $115,000 per annum.

What are SAP HANA Career options?

1. SAP HANA Performance Consultant
2. SAP HANA In-memory Business Consultant
3. SAP HANA Operations Consultant
4. SAP HANA BW Consultant
5. SAP HANA Application Developer
6. SAP HANA Security Consultant
7. SAP HANA Project Manager


Why Sieve Software for SAP HANA Training in Hyderabad?


Sieve Software is the best SAP HANA Training institute in Hyderabad where the certified SAP HANA Consultants with years of experience in working on SAP HANA real time projects offers job oriented SAP HANA Training for the aspirants. The course structure is well designed by real time experts from basic level to advanced level of SAP HANA to help the students get placed in MNCs.


Sieve Software offers classroom training, online training, weekend training and fast track training based on participant’s convenience with the view of the meeting ever growing demands of SAP Industry. The primary intension here is to create the best SAP trained professionals across the industry and provide rich learning experience for SAP HANA aspirants.


Sieve Software is well equipped with lab and infrastructural facilities in order to provide hands on experience to the participants on real-time projects that in turn results in development of professional skills which helps the participants easily recruited by the various companies.