SAP Certification 

SAP Certification is one of the best consideration to many SAP companies to pay high salaries in the SAP job. Continue your reading of SAP certification overview. SAP has become the largest global provider of ERP Certification with over more individuals achieving certification to date throughout the world. SAP certification is an adaptable program which is available to everyone – SAP Customers, SAP representatives, client employees, independent consultants and partner employees. SAP offering certification programs for SAP technical modules and SAP functional courses.

SAP Functional Courses at Sieve Software IT Training Institute

• SAP FICO Training in Hyderabad
• SAP ARIBA Training in Hyderabad
• SAP HR Training in Hyderabad
• SAP MM Training in Hyderabad
• SAP SD Training in Hyderabad
• SAP PP Training in Hyderabad
• SAP SUCCESSFACTORS Training in Hyderabad

SAP Technical Courses at Sieve Software IT Training Institute

• SAP ABAP Training in Hyderabad
• SAP BASIS Training in Hyderabad
• SAP HYBRIS Training in Hyderabad
• SAP UI5/FIORI Training in Hyderabad
• SAP HANA Training in Hyderabad


SAP certification can be achieved in 3 levels, which are:

1. Associate Level Certification
2. Professional Level Certification
3. Master Level Certification

ASSOCIATE LEVEL CERTIFICATION: It is basic level certification program which is open to everyone who is interested in pursuing a SAP career. This level requires the fundamental SAP and ERP knowledge and entry is open to SAP “freshers” as well as experienced individuals.

PROFESSIONAL LEVEL CERTIFICATION: It is open for individuals who have cleared Associate level certification and have demonstrated involvement of SAP project appliance and understanding of ERP programming software. In order to achieve Professional level certification an individual should posses In-depth SAP knowledge and experience in ERP packages.

MASTER LEVEL CERTIFICATION: It is a under development certification. Candidates at master level have to demonstrate expert knowledge of SAP implementation and show broad project experience. Testing at this level is a rigorous and lengthy process as the candidates are required to reveal their expertise through formal and practical methods.

SAP has also developed certification programs for its Business One and Business all-in-one ERP solutions, currently available for the individuals from UK and Ireland. These levels of certification are of particular benefit for aspiring UK consultants who wish to work with UK SMEs.


SAP’s program has reached very high standards and the individuals who have earned certification by demonstrating their exceptional knowledge and abilities are hired in the best prestigious roles in worldwide top corporates. SAP certified specialists and people who have accomplished professional level certification are seen to be a very elite group and have more fulfilling and effective professions compared to their uncertified partners.

As with every career, true success in SAP is only developed through a mixture of direct experience and investment into certification and qualification. People who are already experienced in SAP execution can absolutely enhance their career prospects with certification. SAP freshers anyway ought to know that basically having an associate level certification with no immediate appliance or project experience does not fast equate to a successful career.

SAP certification is perhaps most useful to those individuals who are wishing to pursue career as an independent consultant. Investing in certification strengthens their marketability in a competitive environment, improving their prospects of finding and maintaining clients.


The most useful and effective certification is one which is matched to an individual’s area of expertise rather than current demand. SAP offers certification for every element of its ERP software – CRM, Finance, HR etc and the most useful choice is not always clear. Relevant certification should demonstrate an individual’s knowledge and experience on paper, in much the same way as a degree or MBA does. If, for example, an individual has a strong background in SAP finance implementation pursuing a certification in SAP Financials would be the most effective decision to improve their career prospects.

SAP Certification – A long-term investment for your High Paid Career

SAP Certification is eventually a long-term investment for successful career. Certification, particularly for inexperienced people, is definitely not a convenient solution and won’t prompt overnight success. In today’s competitive environment, individuals with a SAP certification who can demonstrate relevant knowledge and experience have a much higher chance of securing their dreams of the SAP career.


One must be equipped with proper resources to crack the SAP certification exam and you need to remember that the most important resource is the SAP Training. Still, let us look at few resources that you may need in case of doubts.

First one is the SAP certification syllabus. You need to know the topics which are relevant and what the mark distribution is. This is what the syllabus specifies. It gives a goal to target. It reduces a lot of unwanted work and gives you more time for revising the already learned concepts.

Next resource is the SAP help website. It has a detailed explanation on each topic covered in the books with examples. This must be the first place to look for an answer if you have a doubt. One thing is that, you need to first search where your domain is located on the website. This will take a few minutes. Bookmark it. Alternatively, you may type in Google your domain and the SAP help website name.

Third resource is a forum that has a reputation of having the brightest minds with SAP knowledge. This is an ultimate resource if you use it carefully. Do not spam or ask unnecessary questions to attract attention. The people here are experienced guys who mean business. They are there to give help to the SAP community. Once a question is asked, just wait at least for a day for the answer. Many a times it takes few minutes to get the answers. See how questions have been asked in the past. You may also search the forum as many questions asked are repetitive. This saves you time. The forum is called Ittoolbox.

Last resource is the search engine ‘Google’. It has a tendency to give very accurate searches as well as few vague ones. That is why it comes last on our list. Many a times it gives results from SAP-help and Ittoolbox. You may also get good results from Scribd where people may have uploaded few good documents.


SAP offers various certifications for different SAP Modules that can be bring to being established of the SAP Solution like SAP Business One, Business Objects, ERP, Netweaver, PLM and so on.

Role: Developer, Application, Technology

220+ different certifications offered by SAP. Each certificate has 2 levels

1. Associate
2. Professional

Associate certification Exam


1. 80 multiple choice
2. Multiple responses
3. Matching questions and answers
Duration – 3 hours

NEW- Specialty Certification Exam


1. 40 multiple choice
2. Multiple responses
3. Matching question and answers


Comes along in addition to associate exams

Duration – 90 minutes

Professional certification

Questions include

1. 80 multiple choice
2. Multiple responses
3. Scenario based
4. Matching questions and answers


1. Project experience
2. Business process knowledge
3. Understanding of SAP solutions

Duration – 3 hours

SAP Certification Eligibility Criteria

There is no specific criterion if you are enrolling for basic modules for SAP. Any graduate can pursue their career in SAP. In any case, some SAP modules require proper work involvement in field like engineer graduate with applicable work experience of least 2 years can take a course in SAP MM, PP, and PM module while a commerce graduate or MBA can choose SAP FICO.

Registration for SAP Certification

Since 2014 SAP certification vouchers are available only for those who purchased directly from SAP education. Pearson Vue is never again tolerating installment for SAP certification.

Register in Pearson VUE for SAP Certification

• Contact your neighborhood SAP instruction division to enroll to your S-user number
• Buy a voucher from SAP training. You need to pay $500
• Create a new web account if you don’t already have an account with Pearson Vue
• Sign in to your Pearson Vue account and schedule your exam appointment. Enter the voucher number which you have in the space marked “Voucher/Promotion Code” At the checkout screen.
• For couple of nations, online certification benefit isn’t given and you need to call SAP where a delegate will direct you through the procedure.
• To register for SAP certification online, you have to visit the website

Tips to Prepare for SAP Certification Exam

• Find the right level of certification ( Associate or Professional certification exam)
• Start your search for your module directly in the certification web shop ( Select the country and language to get all information for your location
• If you are new to SAP, use the options training and certification shop ( it offers a wide variety of training options to meet your learning needs, it includes e-learning courses as well
• With a specific end goal to show signs of improvement thought regarding which topics are vital for your certification, you need to audit the syllabus. On the certification site, you can find an overview of the related topics
• SAP Training additionally gives some example inquiries on its site; these are genuine inquiries asked at the time of past exams. You will find these inquiries under certification points of interest for every exam.
• Learning with SAP books is one more very useful option.
• SAP learning center point general client manage permits to communicate with SAP solution specialists through a discussion. It additionally offers different courses in different terminology.
• In SAP exam be watchful in utilizing English words particularly words like can, just, dependably, with the exception of.
• Find the Sieve Software’s SAP tutorials.

Workshops for SAP Training and Certification

SAP workshop will be offered for students by the certified real time Trainers. Introduction to SAP with Certification. The objective of this course is to prepare faculty to use SAP in their classrooms. No prior knowledge of SAP is required for the Students except a prior exposure to SAP ERP and system provisioning.

Sieve Software also offers SAP Project Workshops conducted by highly certified SAP trainers who are well equipped with latest SAP Technology for the students as a part of SAP Training and enables the students to develop their expertise and strengthen their knowledge on various SAP courses and SAP concepts, tools.

What will you Learn in SAP Workshop?

• Why to use a business simulation to teach SAP ERP?
• Available SAP technologies and scenarios, and their targeted learning outcomes
• SAP Manufacturing scenarios
• Technical Pre-Requisites
• Business Process
• Accounting
• Facilitation and Debrief
• Using the SAP administration console
• Troubleshooting SAP in the SAP context
• Class preparation
• Payment options
• Student accounts for Learning Portal – invites and payment
• Simulation and team planning
• SAP client planning
• Class Management tool

Frequently Asked Questions – SAP Certification FAQs

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8. What are the measures I need to take if I do not see the certification I am looking for?
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10. What will happen to the current SuccessFactors Professional Certification? Will this disappear, and if so, why? What will replace it?
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