Linux Training in Hyderabad

Attend Linux Training in Hyderabad now. Sieve Software is the best Redhat Linux Training institute in Hyderabad where the highly qualified trainers with real time working experience in relevant industries conduct instructor led classroom training as well as online training for the participants who are willing to shape their shape career in this domain. The real time Linux administrators assist the students to have an excellent career in administration field.


The Linux Training sessions offered in Sieve Software are unique and descriptive designed both for freshers as well as working professionals to upgrade their skills and abilities. The course materials, work projects, tutorials and case studies provided here during the training sessions enables the participants to grow in every aspect of this field.


What is Linux?


Linux is an UNIX community based open source operating system that operates and manages hardware resources. It launches and handles applications in order to provide some form of user interface. It is a free computer operating system that aims at providing free softwares to all the computers. It is used in desktop computers, smart phones, e-book readers and gaming consoles etc.


Linux Overview


Linux is free software that contains various distributions and intensions which simplifies the user experience by offering graphical environments. It offers a way for more technical users to directly communicate with a kernel via shell or command line. It is a free operating system built on Linux kernel as anyone can alter and build it into whatever they wish.


It is a core of kernel operating system which is an interaction layer between software and hardware. It contains different desktop environments which are not present in Windows or Mac. It is a widely used member of UNIX family and is found in all sort of embedded devices such as routers, television and radios etc.


Advantages of Linux Training


• Wide range of options available to users
• Compatibility
• Low cost
• Increased security
• Several distributions are available to the end-user
• Distributions are completely free to download
• Full multitasking with protected memory
• Fast and easy installations
• Full use of hard disk
• Very efficient virtual memory
• Runs many programs with a modest amount of physical memory
• Not cluttered up with lots of special options


Who can Learn Linux Course?


• Graduates
• College students
• Existing Linux users
• Linux Professionals
• Helpdesk staff
• Application support engineers
• Application developers
• Researchers
• College professors
• System Administrators
• Application Developers
• System programmers


Linux Course Content – Linux Syllabus


1. Introduction to UNIX & LINUX
2. Installation of LINUX
3. Introduction to Graphical environment
4. Software package Administration
5. User & Group Administration
6. Advanced file permissions
7. Disk partitioning & Mounting file system
8. Disk quotas
9. Backup & Recovery
10. NFS
11. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
12. DNS Server
13. Mail server
14. Web server(Apache)
15. FTP Server(vsftp daemon)
16. RAID(Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) & logical value manager
17. Web Based Administration
18. Difference between UNIX & LINUX flavors

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Modes of Delivering Linux Training in Hyderabad

Find here available modes of Linux training in Hyderabad. Choose your best learning approach now.

• Classroom training
• Online training
• Weekend training program
• Fast track training program (intensive 20 days program).

Duration of Linux Training in Hyderabad

> Regular classes (morning, daytime and evening)
• Duration: 45 days

> Weekend training classes (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
• Duration: 8 weekend days

> Fast track training classes (5+ hours daily)
• Duration: 20 days



Learn Linux Administration Course


Looking for best Linux training institute in Hyderabad?
Searching for Linux administration training in Hyderabad

Attend Linux system administrator course in Hyderabad Ameerpet.

Sieve Software offering Red Hat Linux training in Hyderabad. This Red Hat Linux course is particularly designed to beginners who have no past knowledge of Linux System Administration. If you are familiar and comfortable with servers management, computers and passion to learn new Linux technology. Are you looking to learn Linux Administration from Linux installation to configure, maintain, monitor and troubleshoot multiple Linux systems  etc. high-level skills. Want to become Linux system administrator?

If you are looking for Linux real time training in Hyderabad, Sieve Software is your best place to learn Linux administration. Attend Linux classes at Sieve Software, Top no. 1 Linux institute in Hyderabad now.

Linux Online Training

Looking to learn Linux administration online?

Searching for Linux system administrator online training?

Get Linux online training at Sieve Software. Learn the Linux fundamentals to start your career as Linux Admin in System Administration. This Linux Administration online course covers all the concepts on administration methods in Linux. The Linux online course training will begin from fundamentals including Linux installation to security administration, networking concepts, and other Linux administration concepts including file system management, system services, Kernel services, Linux configuration will make you a master Linux administer of a Linux System.


Linux Admin Online Training:


Sieve Software is the one online training institute offering Linux online training courses to learn and gain knowledge on Linux and Linux server management skills. The Online Linux Training includes interacting with LIVE servers and dealing Real Time scenarios which is entirely HANDS-ON performed on both Classroom and Online Training, other training modes. Attend Linux online training now. Learn Linux online.

Fast track – Linux Classes in Hyderabad

Linux administration training with fast track mode will help you becoming administer a Linux System in less time or no time as per your requirement. Want to learn and gain knowledge on Linux server management quickly?

Sieve Software is a Linux institute in Hyderabad. Attend Linux administration training to learn the fundamentals of Linux to advanced Linux concepts including RAID and logical volumes under disk management, navigate the file system, execute different command and beyond for your professional and lucrative IT career. Looking to get your dream job in IT, then Join today Linux administrator course.



Linux System Administration Training in Hyderabad


Weekend Linux training courses in Hyderabad are crafted for those not familiar with Linux system and beginners, who wants to get IT jobs with the Linux skills. To to attain the needed Linux Administration skills, it is better to walk through the necessary Linux system training at your weekend days and hours. Learn from experienced real time Linux Administration experts.

Want to master in Linux courses to configure, maintain, monitor and troubleshoot multiple Linux systems?

Linux platform is one of the best option to host Database, Email, Applications and Web. Upgrade your Linux System Administration skills with Sieve Software’s Linux Administration courses those covers all the concepts on administration methods in Linux from fundamentals to advanced concepts of Linux administration training. Attend Linux online training now. Learn Linux in a weekend.

Linux Course Eligibility


• Freshers with a desire to learn Linux
• Working Professionals who are willing to learn Linux command line interface
• Business projects people like hosting a website on Linux server
• Professionals who want to improve their skills
• Researchers who conducts research on Linux servers


Linux Course Highlights


• Well designed Linux course for beginners
• Live interactive sessions led by the highly qualified instructors
• Free Demo Class Available
• Limited batch size for individual attention
• Lab sessions for practical guidance
• Flexible batch timings
• Hands on experience by the Trainers
• Real time projects using different Linux commands
• Linux admin certification at the end course
• Regular workshops and internships
• Linux interview question and answers
• 100% placement assistance
• Helps in Linux Resume preparation


Linux Career Opportunities


It is believed that Linux is Most demanding job roles of nowadays. It has grown rapidly in the past few years as more and more business are realizing the importance of a good presence. According to Linux Technical Job,System Administration, application and Web Programmer one of the top skills that can get you hired globally. There is a huge shortage of specialized professionals. Linux is here to stay and everyone wants to be a part of its future. After Completing Linux training you can work in the following Linux job roles.



What you will Learn with Linux Training


What you will be able to do by the end of training sessions?

By the end of training sessions one would be able to

• Create and update repositories
• Able to install packages, remove or search repositories
• Gain knowledge about ACLs
• Gain knowledge about type of partitions such as swap
• Sharing of files through NFS and SAMBA
• Understand firewalls and network basics
• Understand of SElinux concepts
• Understand configuration files of various services


Linux Course FAQs – Clarify your Training Q&A


Find here Linux Course FAQs and clarify your question to get Linux training in Hyderabad.


What is the difference between Linux and UNIX?


UNIX is a family of operating system that allows multiple users to use the same mainframe to perform different tasks at multiple terminals and includes several underlying concepts whereas Linux is the an example of operating system in a UNIX family.


Is Linux free?

Yes. Linux is a free open source operating system which is open to all that is anyone can download the code or alter and build the code according.

What are the features of Linux operating system?

1. Portable (Multiplatform)
2. Multitasking.
3. Multi User.
4. Multiprocessor (SMP) Support.
5. Multithreading Support.
6. Virtual Memory.
7. Hierarchical File System.
8. Graphical User Interface (X Window System, Wayland)

Which companies are using Linux OS software?

1. Google
2. Twitter
3. Facebook
4. Amazon
5. IBM
6. McDonalds
7. Submarine
9. Watches
10. Mobile devices
11. Space
12. Raspberry pi
13. Desktop Computing
14. New York Stock Exchange
15. Traffic Controlling
16. Nuclear Projects
17. Bullet Trains
18. Tianhe-2
19. Internet Hosting

What are the system requirements for learning Linux course?

• 64-bit processor
• At least 4GB of RAM

What are the prerequisites for learning Linux?

No perquisites are required for learning Linux except a strong dedication towards course.

Can I expect project support from your end?

Sieve Software offers project based training where the certified trainers from relevant industries deliver hands-on knowledge and provides project guidance as per your requirements.

What is the Linux Trainer profile?

You will be trained by highly qualified and experienced Linux trainers who are industry experts’, working in MNC’s and top corporate. The trainers provide practical guidance on real time issues in work environment.

What is the other course one can go ahead after the completion of Linux training?

One can proceed to AWS course after the completion of Linux Training to become an efficient system Admin or cloud specialist.

Will you provide any certification?

Yes. Course completion certificate after the successful training sessions will be provided to every participant. The certification provided by Sieve Software adds value to the career of participants in this stream.


Why Sieve Software for Linux Training in Hyderabad?


Sieve Software is one of the best Linux Training institutes in Hyderabad which help the students to enhance their performance by offering interactive sessions as well as self-paced course training led by real time experts. The participants are made aware of tools used by system administrators used by enterprise environment and are share a clear knowledge of the subject.


Sieve Software is well equipped with lab and infrastructural facilities so as to deliver best of Linux administration course and operating systems. The trainers also help the students in preparing for Linux interview questions to crack Linux administration jobs of their interest.


SIEVE Software provides classroom Training for Linux course in Ameerpet, Hyderabad. There are various training institutes exist to provide Online Linux courses but Sieve Software provides classroom training to ensure the learning just doesn’t stay with the instructor and the student. With a concise amalgamation of freshers and experienced students in the class, not only will you gain insight into how Linux works for different industries, but you will also be able to make teams and work with them on the projects and enhance your learning. Attend now Linux training in Hyderabad.


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