Instructional Design Training in Hyderabad


Sieve Software is the best Instructional Design Training institute in Hyderabad where the Instructional Design course is delivered from the practitioners who are not stagnant in instructional design ideas and solutions. The Instructional Design Training methodology followed by certified trainers includes exercises, activities, projects, live projects and design elements in order to support students in the development process so that they can improve their learning experience and efficiency.


Sieve Software helps the students in shaping their career as an Instructional Designer by providing extended and ready expertise to leverage their learning. Experienced Instructional Design trainer guides the learners and equips them with quick tips and makes them efficient at advanced usage of the tools to enhance their performance.


What is Instructional Design?

Instructional Design is a systematic process that came in to limelight during World War 2 through which learning products and experiences are designed, developed and delivered and is based on Instructional technology. It mainly focuses on identifying the gaps between the skills, knowledge and attitudes of the population and to determine and design learning events to fill those gaps.

Instructional Design is a creation of instructional materials and learning results by translating general principles of learning and instruction into realistic plans by the application of learning and instructional theory so as to ensure quality education in the areas of cognition, educational psychology and problem solving based on theoretical and practical research.


Instructional designers often use instructional technology for developing instruction after analyzing the learning needs and bridges the concepts so as to fill the gap between education and technology which facilitate the transfer of knowledge and skills to the recipient or acquirer of the product.

Advantages of Instructional Design

Advantages of Instructional Designing Learning

 Encourages advocacy of the learner
 Supports effective, efficient, and appealing instruction
 Inappropriate content is eliminated
 Supports coordination among designers and developers
 Allow communication and coordination among individuals involved in Design
 Helps ensure that what is taught is what is needed for learners
 Develop ingenious approaches to instruction
 Sets clear deliverables and accountabilities
 Identifies concrete and measurable objectives
 Create a stronger link between the learning program and the actual performance.
 Remains consistent
 Learning process is shortened
 Resources are maximized

Instructional Designer

Instructional Designer is a person who translates odd information into clear, meaningful and contextual content in order to point the learners towards content neutral and in the right direction.


Role of Instructional Designer


 Identify the needs of the targeted group through need analysis
 Determine needs that can be met by learning and be satisfied
 Acquire information about the targeted group
 Devise an instructional strategy
 Select the techniques and delivery media

Who can Learn Instructional Design?


 Trainers
 Instructional designers
 Content Writers
 Technical Writers
 Facilitators
 Learning development specialists
 Instructors
 Training Managers
 BPO Executives
 Technical Writers
 Graphic Designers
 Copy-writers
 Copy Editors
 Journalists
 Teaching professionals


Why to Choose Instructional Design?


 One of the fastest growing fields
 scope of Instructional design is very vast
 Growth in the outsourcing of instructional Design works
 Demand for thousands of instructional designers in the country
 Can earn handsome amount


Instructional Design Course Eligibility


 Instructional designers who are willing to comprehend the practical application
 Content Writers to upgrade their skills
 Individuals to become an instructional designer
 Project Managers to connect with development teams and clients
 BPO Executives who are willing to acquire a more rewarding and satisfying career
 Teaching professionals to explore a more remunerative career

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Instructional Design Course Content

• Instructional Design
• Instructional System Design – ISD
• Instructional Theories
• E-learning
• ID Standards
• ID Contents Framing
• ID Types &Modes
• Ms Word
• Ms PowerPoint
• e-Learning and Capivate
• Adobe Premiere / Adobe Media Encode(Video Editing)
• Adobe Audition (Sound Editing)
• Photoshop (Image Editing)
• Dreamweaver (Webpage)
• TechSmith Camtasia
• Ms Visio
• Assignments


What will you able to do by the end of Instructional Design Training?


1. Deliver excellent training programmes
2. Make powerful presentations
3. Evaluate training programmes
4. Identify training needs
5. Create storyboards and scripts
6. Identify a performance problem
7. Maximize different learning styles
8. Develop and implement appropriate assessment methods
9. Assess learning outcomes
10. Use e-learning tools to speed up the process
11. Apply the principles of instructional design
12. Ensure effective e-learning navigation.

Instructional Design Training Highlights

 Real Time Trainers
 100% Placement Assistance
 Limited Batch size for easy interaction
 Flexible Timings
 Practical Guidance
 Excellent Lab Facility
 Resume Preparation
 Hands on Experience
 Certification Support
 Reference Materials will be provided
 Interview question
 Regular assignments and real time tasks

Modes of delivering Instructional Design Training in Hyderabad

Instructional Design Training in Hyderabad

Sieve Software offers Instructional Design classroom Training for the participants aspiring a career as Instructional designer by the highly qualified trainers who covers basic and different learning theories and instructional design methodology. Attend Instructional Design Training in Hyderabad.

Regular classes (morning, daytime and evening)
Duration: 45 days

Learn Instructional Design Online

Sieve Software also offers Instructional Design online Training for the participants who cannot come to training institutes and are willing to start a career in Design. The online training sessions are conducted by professional instructional design practitioners who deliver quality Instructional Design online Training.

Benefits of Instructional Designing Online Training:

• Highly experienced Instructional Designer will teach you.
•  More practical approach towards Instructional Design training.
• One-One online training customized for each student and trainees.
• Regular course assignments with doubts clarification at end of every class.
• Saves your learning time and can attend from anywhere, anytime as per your schedule.
• Low cost compared to any online training institutes and universities.
• Free Demo session before your join the Instructional Designer course.

Duration of Instructional Design Online Training in Hyderabad

Online classes (morning, evening and night hours )
Duration: 45 days

Instructional Design Training – Fast Track

Sieve Software conducts intensive 30 days training programs for delivering fast training to the participants who are fast learners, working professionals and immediate Instructional Designing job seekers. Fast Track Instructional Designing classes are conducted by Sieve Software is an exclusive 30 days program designed for fast learners and immediate Instructional Designing knowledge earners from any industry. Enquire now Fast track Instructional Designing.

Duration of Fast track Instructional Designing in Hyderabad

Regular classes (daytime and evening)
Duration: 30 days

Instructional Design – Weekend Course

Sieve Software conducts weekend training sessions for quality Instructional Design course that are scheduled on weekends upon the request made by the attendees. Weekend training sessions are conducted by instructional design experts with ample real time scenarios and live projects.

Sieve Software conducts Instructional Design weekend training classes on that is designed especially for working professional who couldn’t attend on regular days. Attend Instructional Design weekend course now.

Duration of Instructional Design Weekend in Hyderabad

Weekend classes (morning, daytime and evening)
Duration: As per your needs & availability

Duration of Instructional Design Training in Hyderabad

Regular classes (morning, day time, and evening)
Duration- 45 days

Weekend training classes (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
Duration- 8 weekend days

Fast track training program (5+ hours daily)
Duration- 30 days


Instructional Design Training FAQs


Is Instructional Design a good career option?

Instructional Design is one of the comfortable job profiles that do not require high experience. It is a good career option for the individuals who are willing for a minimal risk and it is an emerging trend across several industries such as business, management, oil and natural gas, fashion, sales, hospitality and more.


What are the various job roles where an individual can make a career?

1. Instructional Writer
2. Instructional Designer
3. Content Analyst
4. Creative Writer
5. Technical Writer


What are the prerequisites for learning Instructional Design?

 Good command over written English
 Basic computer and Internet skills
 Graduation in any discipline


What are the instructional design models?

2. Dick and Carey
3. Assure
4. Backward Design (Understanding By Design)
5. Kemp Design Model
6. The Kirkpatrick Model
7. Gerlach-Ely Model


What are the characteristics of Instructional Design Models?

1. Learner centered
2. Goal oriented
3. Reliable and valid
4. Empirical
5. Team work
6. Real world performance


Why Instructional Design matters?

Instructional Design Matters as it facilitates gaining new knowledge, skills or attitudes and helps in creating effective learning experiences among the people.


What are the important Instructional Design Fundamentals?

 Understand learner’s needs
 Capture learner’s attention
 Move from simple to complex
 Move gradually
 Solidify


What is the expected average salary of instructional designer?

Instructional Designer can expect an average salary of Rs 463,623 per annum.


What are the Instructional Designer tasks?

 Design and evaluate instructional materials
 Collaborate with internal and external partners
 Determine specific design focus


What is the role of Instructional Design in e-learning?

Instructional Designing plays a significant role in e-learning as it is quality process which assures and accesses the objectives in e-learning.


What are the eight key tools of today’s Instructional Designer?

 Constructivism
 Performance improvement
 Online learning
 Knowledge management
 Informal learning
 Gamification
 Social media
 Mobile learning


Why Sieve Software for Instructional Design Training in Hyderabad?


Sieve Software is the best Instructional Design Training institute in Hyderabad that follows a unique and ready platform for Instructional Design training by the highly qualified instructors with hands-on experience in Instructional Design for the new entrant and makes them industry-ready professional Instructional Designer.


The Instructional Design course curriculum includes instructional strategies that are relevant to instructional design and the most widely used theories models and technology. The course structure is well designed by the expert professionals so as to help the students to master in design and development of innovative and effective learning solutions for the real workplace.


Sieve Software is well equipped with lab and excellent infrastructure facilities and training sessions are conducted on regular classes, online classes, weekend training classes and fast track training classes based on convenience of the participants who are willing to undergo Instructional Design certification training in Hyderabad.