Hadoop Training in Hyderabad

Sieve Software is one of the most reputed Hadoop Training institute in Hyderabad where the trainers are up to mark and delivers hands-on knowledge which benefits the participants in a long run. The Hadoop trainers in Sieve Software provide real life big data case studies and live Hadoop projects that help the students in enhancing their skills and knowledge.


Sieve Software offers classroom training, online training, weekend training and fast track training where the training conducted is based on all the latest tools and technology that comes under the Big Data eco system. It focuses on real time project based solutions so as to groom the student according to the industry standards.


What is Hadoop?

Hadoop is an open source platform written in Java that gives best data management provisions and efficiently processes large volume of data on a cluster of commodity hardware. It can be set up on a single machine but the power of Hadoop comes in to light with the cluster of machines. It deals with quick and steady analysis of large volumes of both structured as well as unstructured data.


Hadoop has few notable features such as Distribution, Horizontal scalability, Fault-tolerance, Cost-optimization, Programming abstraction and Data locality which makes it a unique storage platform apart from other regular storage systems. It is a economic software which it does not require expensive servers and can run on standard hardware.


Hadoop is a storage system that is built specially to deal with volumes of data in variety of shapes and forms where it can run analytical algorithms. The functional outcomes of Hadoop software are most reliable and effective thus increases the level of reliability with an intension to provide best data management facility.


Advantages of Hadoop Training

1. Cost Effective
2. Scalable
3. Flexible
4. Fast
5. Resilient to Failure
6. Capable of dealing with large volumes of data
7. The quickest, cheapest, and smartest way to store
8. Process giant volumes of data
9. Deal with bigger, complex projects much easier
10. Deliver better output

Who can Learn Hadoop?

• Graduates
• Analytics Professionals
• Project Managers of IT Firms
• Software Testing Professionals
• Mainframe Professionals
• Software Developers
• Aspirants of Big Data Services
• System Administrators
• Data Warehousing Professionals
• Business Intelligence Professionals
• Java consultants
• DBA consultants
• SQL Experts
• College Freshers with Programming background
• ETL Professionals

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Why Choose Hadoop?

1. Average salary for Hadoop professionals is around Rs. 12 to 16 lakhs Per annum
2. There is a Constant demand Hadoop professionals to manage very large unstructured data
3. Big Data applications has a escalating usage year-on- year across industry verticals

Prerequisites for Learning Hadoop

1. Sound knowledge in Core Java concepts
2. Good idea about Pig programming
3. Basic knowledge on Unix Commands
4. Knowledge in SQL

Hadoop Course Eligibility

• Graduates and undergraduates wishing to learn Big Data Hadoop course
• Programming Developers and System Administrators who are willing to learn Hadoop
• Project Managers and Experienced Working Professionals to upgrade their Hadoop skills
• Big Data Hadoop Developers to be updated on latest technologies
• Mainframe Professionals, Architects and working professionals to enhance their Hadoop knowledge

Hadoop Course Content

1. Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop
2. HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System)
4. YARN (Next Generation Map Reduce)
5. Apache PIG
6. Apache HIVE
7. Cloudera Impala
8. Apache Zookeeper
9. Apache HBase
10. MongoDB
11. Apache Drill
12. Apache SQOOP
13. Apache FLUME
14. Apache Kafka
15. Apache Spark
16. Apache OOZIE
17. Real Time Big Data Projects
18. Pre-Requisites for this Course
19. ORIENIT Hadoop POC’s Solution Class
20. Advanced and New technologies architectural discussions

Find here detailed Hadoop Course syllabus.

Introduction to Big data and Hadoop


Hadoop Eco-systems & Architecture


Introduction to YARN


Hadoop Cluster Configuration


Basics of MapReduce on YARN


MapReduce Programming


Analysis using Pig


Analysis using Hive Data Warehousing Infrastructure


Working with HBase


Importing and Exporting data using Sqoop


Oozie Workflow Management


Using Flume for analyzing Streaming Data


What will you gain by the end of Hadoop training?

• After the completion of Hadoop training, the participant would be able to
• Attain comprehensive skills in each and every concept of HDFS
• Gain knowledge on MapReduce frameworks
• Attain Skills to understand the architecture of Hadoop
• Learn to establish Hadoop cluster
• Achieve skills to write complex MapReduce programs
• Attain Skills in utilization of Sqoop
• Flume with main aim of learning data loading techniques
• Enriches skills in various data analytics concepts such as Pig, Hive, Yarn
• Gains knowledge on Integration of Map-Reduces
• Able to implement HBase
• Able to develop Hadoop by implementing optimized practice methodologies

Hadoop Administrator

Hadoop Administrator is the people who is responsible for the implementation of ongoing administration of Hadoop infrastructure and expand its existing environment by coordinating the system engineering team to propose and deploy the hardware and software environments.

Roles and responsibilities of Hadoop Administrator.

1. Deploying a Hadoop cluster
2. Maintaining a Hadoop cluster
3. Adding and removing nodes
4. Configuring the name code
5. Manage and review Hadoop log files
6. Take care of day-to-day Hadoop cluster files
7. Troubleshooting the application errors
8. Implement and ongoing administration of Hadoop infrastructure
9. Propose and deploy new hardware and software environments
10. Expand existing Hadoop environment

Hadoop Course Highlights

• Instructor led Hadoop Training
• Expert trainers who help to solve complex queries on their feet
• Hands on experience gained through assisted lab time
• Certification assistance provided through exam like quizzes
• Industry ready course content
• Certified Trainers
• Well equipped lab
• Cost-effective training structure
• Right mix of theory with practical applications
• Hands on project work training experience
• Intensive workshop oriented training
• Customized training solution
• Placement Support
• Workshops and seminars

Modes of Delivering Hadoop Training in Hyderabad

Choose your Hadoop Training method.

• Classroom training
• Online training
• Weekend training
• Fast track training

Duration of Hadoop training in Hyderabad

> Regular classes (morning, daytime and evening)
• Duration: …..days

> Weekend training classes (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
• Duration: …..weeks

> Fast track training classes (5+ hours daily)
• Duration: 20 days

Hadoop Classes – Get Training in Hyderabad

Sieve Software offers one to one end classroom training for the aspirants of Hadoop by the best skilled Hadoop faculty with years of real industry experience based on current industry standards that help them to secure placements in their dream companies. Learn Hadoop in Hyderabad from Sieve Software, A Hadoop training institute in Hyderabad. Attend Hadoop demo now.

Hadoop Online Training

Sieve Software offers both Instructor-led live interactive online training and self-paced video learning program for the Hadoop aspirants by industry expert trainer with customized course content. If you have less or no time to enhance the skills, learn Hadoop online at Sieve Software, the best Hadoop training institute with placements in Hyderabad.

Benefits of Hadoop Online Training:

1. Interactive sessions by real time trainers
2. Java course as a complimentary to Hadoop course
3. Flexible timings
4. Access to all recording sessions
5. Project support

– Attend Hadoop Fast track Training

Fast track training programs are specially designed for fast learners and immediate job seekers. It is an intensive 20 days program conducted by Sieve Software through highly qualified trainers where all the concepts that are required for an Hadoop professionals are taught at the edge. Want to learn in in 20 days or less days, then attend Sieve Software’s Hadoop training course at your comfort hours. Learn Hadoop in Hyderabad.

Hadoop Training – Learn in your Weekend days

The weekend training programs are conducted specially for the working professionals who want to upgrade their skills and college going students who are willing to make a career in this domain. Sieve Software offers Weekend training program keeping in view the students and working professionals who cannot attend classes on regular basis. Attend Haddop training program at your weekend days and hours. Enquire Hadoop training now.





Hadoop Course FAQs

How is the career of Hadoop Professionals?

The career of Hadoop certified professionals is high because of its constant demand resulted due to its implementation in organizations and high end functionality. Many employers from all over the world are looking for the Hadoop certified professionals as very few candidates are available in the current market.

What is the expected average salary for Hadoop Professionals?

Big data Hadoop professionals in Hyderabad can earn an average salary of 3.23 lakhs per annum. However experienced Big data Hadoop professionals can earn up to 8 lakhs per annum based on their level of expertise.

What are the various job titles where an individual can make a career?

Job Titles for Hadoop Professionals where an individual can make a career are:

1. Hadoop Architect
2. Hadoop Developer
3. Hadoop Scientist
4. Hadoop Administrator
5. Hadoop Engineer
6. Hadoop Analysts

What are the System Requirements for Hadoop training?

1. Per Cloudera page,
2. 64 Bit OS – Windows XP Or Higher
3. The VM takes 4GB RAM and 3GB of disk spaceet.
4. 8+GB Hard disk space

What are the industrial applications of Hadoop?

1. Retail industry
2. Banking & Finance
3. Manufacturing
4. Healthcare
5. Sports
6. Real estate
7. Energy sector
8. Utility

What are the various modules of Hadoop?

There are four types of Hadoop modules that carry out particular tasks

1. Distributed File-System
2. MapReduce
3. Hadoop Common

When to Use Hadoop?

1. Search – Yahoo, Amazon, Zvents
2. Log processing – Facebook, Yahoo
3. Data Warehouse – Facebook, AOL
4. Video and Image Analysis – New York Times, Eyealike

When not to Use Hadoop?

1. Low Latency data access
2. Multiple data modification
3. Lots of small files

What are the challenges involved in Hadoop implementation?

1. MapReduce programming may not fit for all problems
2. There’s a widely acknowledged talent gap
3. Data security
4. Full-fledged data management and governance

Is Java certification compulsory for Hadoop training?

No, Java certification is not mandatory as the trainers in Sieve Software start the Hadoop training from the very scratch.


Why Sieve Software for Hadoop Training in Hyderabad?


Sieve Software is the best Hadoop Training institute in Hyderabad where the team of corporate trainers delivers quality Hadoop training for the participants who are willing to shape their career in this domain. The well versed Hadoop trainers here help the participants to become an efficient Hadoop Professional by providing enhanced knowledge and technical skills that are required to meet the industry standards. Sieve Software rated as best IT training center with placement in Hyderabad.


The Hadoop learning course structure is well designed by the Hadoop professionals in order to deliver in-depth knowledge on Big Data framework. The participants are allowed to work on real industry based projects from different domains so as to gain real industry knowledge. The highly certified trainers conduct regular workshops and events to deliver hands on experience and practical guidance for the participants.


Sieve Software is a placement focused Hadoop Training institute in Hyderabad which assures 100% placement for the attendees and takes all the necessary measures that lets the participant get placed quickly after the completion of training. It offers classroom training, online training, weekend training and fast track training as requested by the participants.

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