Content Writing Training in Hyderabad

Sieve Software is the best Content Writing Training Institute that ensures quality content writing training as per publishing standards. The content writing training program has been designed by the witnessed trainers in order to deliver valuable suggestions and quality output. The Content writing trainers here offer one to one end classroom training carried by practical sessions so as to enable the participants learn the Content Writing techniques better.

Sieve Software also offers Content Writing online Training for the participants to who are willing to shape their career as content writers through instructional videos which can be watched and applied easily. The training offered here helps the participants in acquiring the knowledge and skills that are necessary for becoming an effective content writer.

What is content writing?

Content writing is an art of specializing in providing relevant content to attract specific target audience and educate them about products and services of a brand that requires a different type and level of content on a website. It requires composing of valuable content that meets the special purposes such as business, marketing, commercial affairs, etc.

In simple terms content writing is nothing but writing online content that is needed to motivate the target audiences towards specific goals or action. This can be done through blog articles, product reviews, newsletters, emails, white papers and website.

“Writing is a way of talking without being interrupted”

Content must be researched properly in order to provide accuracy and popular trends on the topics for which your target audience is using to search for. Content revealed should be unique, informative and should contain the exact information that the user is looking for.

“Keep typing until it turns in to writing”

Content writing is a skill that requires a vast knowledge and highest ability to develop accurate content. The content developed should be original and must contain high quality information which a beginner with nil knowledge can grasp the information developed in the content.

Advantages of Content Writing Course

1. Effective writing is the best way to promote yourself
2. Writing makes people quicker to trust you
3. Writing something becomes more actionable than an idea in your head
4. Writing tells others about your intelligence and expertise
5. Better writing help you in creating more effective your marketing copies
6. Effective writing will be persuasive
7. Good content will have a charming action
8. content can help others understand more about your product or service

Prerequisites for learning content writing course

No perquisites are required for learning content writing except a little command over English language, basic internet knowledge and presentation skills.

Content writer eligibility and aptitude

• Graduation or post graduation etc
• Subject matter expert in a skill or industry
• Good command over English language
• Creative and analytical mind
• Online browsing
• Learning new things
• Understanding the target audiences requirements
• Good typing speed
• Mass communication
• Basic HTML and Word Press
• SEO Knowledge

Who can Learn this Content Writing Course?

• Industry Writing professionals who are intend to express better, quicker and become more confident
• Content Writers who are willing to upgrade their skills
• Fresher’s who want to make a career in Content writing
• Experts who want to express their expertise better
• Trainers to become better at creating content
• Business managers who wish to make a better impact in their results
• Mid Career professionals who are willing to re-launch their career in writing
• Freelance writers who want to shape their career to get more opportunities
• Entrepreneurs who would like to document better
• Basic fluent English writers
• M.A. in literature
• House mom’s
• Career Relaunchers
• SEOs
• Social media professionals




How to Become a Professional Content Writer?

Criteria to become a professional content writer:

1. Understand the process of writing
2. Understand the realities of content writing
3. know exactly what the client wants
4. Posses the ability to work with experts from other fields
5. Knowledge on technical writing
6. Deliver service in time
7. Bring a unique voice subject
8. Excellent Command of Language not necessarily English
9. Know how to pick topics that people are interested in seeing
10. Strong Research Skills
11. Built-in curiosity
12. Proofreading Skills
13. Mastering Multiple Styles
14. Word Press, SEO and HTML Knowledge

Job description of a content writer

1. Create a unique content in a particular topic or blog
2. Write overall webpage content
3. Write articles and blogs that is to published on the site
4. Write impressive taglines for social sites
5. Product descriptions that is used in email marketing
6. Highlight points that people generally skip to notice
7. Write, modify and publish the web, e-mail, social media content
8. Developing SEO friendly title, description and header text, image alt and sub headlines, ad copies
9. Write and edit the content to fit with brand guidelines
10. Creating and managing the content calendar
11. Translating the company online goals, business objectives into various content formats
12. Developing the supporting content for in-house teams like marketing, sales and business development, web teams including digital marketing, content marketing and affiliate marketing etc.

Content Writing Opportunities – Where do Content Writers Get Placed?

1. E-learning Industry
2. Publishing
3. Executives and Managers in IT and ITES companies
4. Communication industries
5. Managerial Positions in BPO and KPO industries
6. As Freelance writers – for both web and print
7. Training departments
8. Any business which is in information business

When to choose content writing course?

Content writing is a course which requires quest for learning. Choose this course when:

• You feel that content writing will affect your career
• You are a professional and willing to write content
• You are a executive wants to works with content
• You are wishing to make a career in writing
• You are a subject matter expert and willing to write content for magazines, journals, books etc
• You are wishing to make a career in technical writing, e-learning, publishing or medical writing

Content Writing Course Content

1. How search engine works
2. Google search operators
3. Introduction to online goals
4. User intent analysis
5. Types of online audiences
6. Keyword match types
7. SEO keyword research process
8. Primary keywords
9. Secondary keywords
10. LSI keywords
11. Keyword criteria
12. Types of website content
13. Comparison of regular and journalism and SEO writings
14. Content calendar preparation
15. Step-by-step content writing
16. Keyword and content optimization
17. Social media content writing
18. Headline analysis
19. Content audit
20. Brochure writing
21. FAQ writing
22. About us writing
23. White papers writing
24. Article writing
25. Press release writing
26. Content algorithms

Content writing Course Highlights

• 20 days daily 1 hr
• Real time reports for keyword research
• Project based or need based kind of writing works
• Learn from industry experienced practitioners
• Easy understanding on complex concepts
• Content optimization
• Content calendar
• Brochure analysis
• FAQ analysis

What will you gain by the end of the content writing training?

By the end of the training program participants will gain

• Proficiency in writing clearly
• Writing to the point
• Ability to write well researched documents
• Ability to write effective sentences and paragraphs
• Ability to paraphrase
• Core skills required to become efficient content writer
• Ability to develop informative documents
• Create easily understandable content

Content Writing Workshops in Hyderabad - Get Online Writing Training

Content Writing Workshops in Hyderabad

Sieve Software offers full day content writing workshops to bring out the professional content writers in the participants. The highly experienced professional content writers design the workshops in a way it empowers the audiences to create their own strategy that yields better results. The trainers instruct you the specific points that must be included in planning and delivering content in digital format.

Advantages of content writing training workshops

• Learn from a web writing experienced expert.
• 100% tailored
• relevant and interactive
• Latest-practice
• proven content writing techniques
• Half, one or two-day workshops at work

Content Writing Internships in Hyderabad

Sieve Software invites the participants to join content writers team on a 6 months internship program through which participant gains the advantage of getting placed immediately. There are various advantages that are associated with regular internships offered by Sieve Software Content Writing Training Institute.

The benefits of joining internship at Sieve Software are,

1. Developing high quality content for various niches
2. Improved content writing skills
3. Valuable experience
4. Enhanced employability
5. Chance of regular employment within same company



Content Writing FAQs : Read now

Content Writing Training Course FAQs

What are the other career opportunities available for content writers, apart from regular jobs?

Apart from regular jobs, one can consider the self blog or can maintain blogs that are outsourced by many professionals, individuals and small businesses.

Can I work as a free lance content writer?

Yes, there is an enough demand for free lance content writers in the market and is going to be increased in future. This is right time for the content writers who prefer more flexibility.

Will I learn Grammar?

You will learn the required grammar skills that are necessary for writers and apply the same on your own articles and reports.

Who can take up this course?

1. Knowledge of basic written English,
2. Basic internet knowledge and
3. The quest to become a writer

What is the mode of Learning?

• Classroom training
• Online training
• Weekend training program
• Fast track training program

What is the future scope of content writing?

Content writing is one of the popular job roles that are in high demand today. This is the right time for the participants who are considering a career in content writing services as it is in demand and will be in demand forever.

What are the areas of good scope for content writers?

1. SEO
2. E-commerce and digital marketing
3. Advertising and Sales of products
4. Creative writers
5. Editing and copy writing
6. Social media optimization
7. Freelance content writer

What are the future trends in content writing?

1. Immersing consumers in virtual reality
2. Using artificial intelligence to curate content
3. Creating quality content through native advertising
4. Creating authentic interactions via live streaming
5. Developing and telling stories with influencer marketing campaigns

What are the top content writing services in India?

1. Web Content Writing
2. Blog/article Writing
3. Copy writing
4. Press Release Writing
5. Review Writing
6. Technical Writing
7. Creative Writing
8. Research Writing
9. Scientific Writing
10. Travel Writing
11. Medical Writing
12. Web Copy writing
13. Copy Editing

What is the difference between content writing and copy writing?

Content writing conveys a point of view which is informative and engaging to the reader through blogs, articles and web content whereas copy writing is a type of marketing message so as to grab the readers with a compelling headline. Read here the difference between SEO content writers and copy writers.



Why Sieve Software to Learn Content Writing Course?

Sieve Software is the best content writing Training institute in Hyderabad that offers regular classroom training as well as online training by a group of experienced professionals from the fields of management, content industry and human resources training. The trainer here enables the participants to focus on their core competencies and skills.

The training sessions are conducted in a well organized way with simple and highly effective programs in order to train the students to harness them in to a better career in content writing. The course is designed for both fresher’s as well as working professionals who are aspiring to become professional content writers.